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Thursday, 26 March 2020 15:24

Belarus' Bobruisk Biotechnology Plant almost triples antiseptics output in early 2020

Belarus' Bobruisk Biotechnology Plant almost triples antiseptics output in early 2020

Bobruisk Biotechnology Plant has almost tripled the output of antiseptics since the beginning of the year, having produced around 53,000 bottles, BelTA learned from Aleksandr Kazusenok, the deputy director for ideology, personnel, and general matters at Bobruisk Biotechnology Plant.

“In the wake of the current epidemiological situation and high demand for medical products we have ramped up the output of antiseptics almost by three times, with 3,000 items produced daily. In 2019, the enterprise produced around 105,000 bottles of antiseptics. This year we have already made 53,000 bottles,” Aleksandr Kazusenok said. “The enterprise is currently working round the clock. All products are sold domestically,” he added.

Antiseptics (70% of ethanol) of Bobruisk Biotechnology Plant are supplied to Belarusian hospitals and polyclinics to clean operating theaters and medical instruments. Antiseptics go in packages of various size.

Moreover, the plant has launched the production of hand sanitizers (65% of ethanol), making 8,000 bottles up to 1 liter a day. Plans are in place to boost the production of hand sanitizers from next week and expand the range of sizes.

Hand sanitizers made by Bobruisk Biotechnology Plant are available in Belarusian retail chains. The plant also runs its own store in Bobruisk that daily sells more than 700 bottles of hand sanitizers.

The enterprise focuses on the quality of the product. Specialists at the enterprise's laboratories evaluate the quality of raw materials and end products. “Strict quality control enables us to make competitive and popular products,” Aleksandr Kazusenok stressed. The laboratories are also working round the clock now.

Bobruisk Biotechnology Plant is a multi-profile enterprise that makes products for the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, and agriculture. The plant exports its products to the CIS and EU member states. In 2019, its export topped $974,000. The plant employs 440 people.

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