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Thursday, 27 June 2019 18:09

Kopylskiy College and Chenzinsky university agreed on cooperation

Kopylskiy College and Chenzinsky university agreed on cooperation

During the visit of the Chinese delegation to the region, both sides signed an agreement to strengthen humanitarian and cultural cooperation. The first event will be the creation of a cultural center at Kopyl State College.

The delegation of Chongqing University “Three Gorges” got acquainted with the structure of Kopyl College and its specificity, educational process, organization of extracurricular activities of students. Several sites were presented to the guests - “Business College Company - Start for Small Business”, “Implementation of the Environmental Project by Students and Educators”, tasting exhibition “Cook is the Creator of Taste and Flavor”, an exhibition of folk and decorative arts and crafts.

Also, representatives of the Chinese delegation were presented with the equipment of the resource center for industrial training on the qualification "Electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment", organized a master class on assembling electrical circuits, adjusting the gas distribution mechanism, preparing arable farming units for work. The admiration of guests caused and the representation of the theater of fashion.

The Chinese delegation expressed particular interest in preparing workers and specialists for the economy of our country. After discussing the mutual areas of interest, the parties agreed on further cooperation.

“During the official meeting, the issue of exchange in the sphere of education and education was raised,” said Anatoly Petkevich, director of the Kopyl State College. - The possibility of exchanging students and teachers, as well as holding Internet conferences, seminars, interactive sites and other events with the aim of studying joint experience and cultural development, was offered. This initiative was looked great to both the Chinese and Belarusian sides.

Representatives spoke about the education system and opportunities for obtaining a profession in their country. In addition, the guests expressed the hope of establishing long-term cooperation and deepening bilateral partnerships between the two educational institutions.

Additionally: "Three Gorges" - the largest university in Wanzhou, is the national educational center of China. He organizes multi-level wide international cooperation, insists on the development of internationalization, the study of advanced educational concepts and the experience of other countries. In addition, he carries out extensive exchanges and ties with other countries and regions, and maintains close ties with a number of diplomatic missions.

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